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Company Overview

M&S Global Services was founded by two Orlando based businessmen. Mike Collins & Sanjay Srinivasan. The company was founded during the Covid 19 pandemic as we realized not only were there global challenges with ordering basic healthcare items due to global supply chain issues, but our firm belief that the world needed to pay closer attention to overall health, safety and sanitation in order to minimize the threat of such a widespread health related problems in the future. Using our long-established supply chain network and organizational connections around the world, we are able to acquire and source many of the health-related items that were disrupted. This ranges from the basic PPE items such as gloves and masks, to durable medical goods, Lab, Surgical & Diagnostic equipment etc.
Our apparel division is also able to provide both stock and customized medical apparel such as scrubs that you can personalize and brand to your own company! All produced entirely inhouse in our factory located in Orlando Florida.
To combat the future threat of airborne and surface pathogens, M&S global Services also completed significant research to identify the best possible solution. We selected and partnered with CIMR technology, a Texas based company who offer devices that are both cutting edge in their technology, but also have been tested and proven by independent labs including the US military. The devices are FDA, EUA approved, CARB certified, and are used for a wide range of applications including the elimination of Air / Surface Virus, Bacteria, Germs, Mold, Dander & Odor. Clients include the US military, Hospitals, Schools & Universities, vehicles, Restaurants, Offices and Warehouses, and use in personal cars & homes. The devices are 100% harmless to humans and pets, and unlike the competition that work passively for air to flow through them, the CIMR device works ACTIVELY to eliminate threats 24/7. A liquid version of our virus killing product “Plant Booster – RX15” is also available”
M&S Global Services is also focused on personal safety from above! Recently partnering with Sky Safe, a counter drone detection system that is already keeping our US corrections facilities safe from above, and now bringing the same security to sports events, airports, arenas, concerts, and government buildings. Unlike the competition, Sky Safe doesn’t simply track the threat, but using cutting edge technology it both intercepts and traces the signals back to the operator using geo location. At M&S Global Services LLC we will continue to grow our portfolio of health and safety products, including our ‘soon to be launched’ Laboratory serving central Florida. Our portfolio also includes our Drug Testing Service (Drug Testing LLC) that operates a ‘mobile ‘ Drug testing service 24/7, and Covid Testing (Covid Testing LLC), currently operating at the Orlando Airport assisting travelers as they head to destinations still requiring a negative covid Test. We thank and appreciate our customers for all their support in helping grow M&S Global Services LLC into the leading provider of medical, health & safety related equipment
 Mike & Sanjay
Sanjay Srinivasan is a serial entrepreneur and founder of numerous businesses over the last three decades. In 1995, Sanjay founded Jay Jewelry, serving the tourism and resort industry with various products. In 1999, he founded Datatray, a company that specialized in medical transcriptions and electronic medical records. Today, Sanjay owns and operates several business entities including Global Eyewear, Global Promo, and Global Sun, an international enterprise that manufacturers products for the tourism industry at-large, in addition to other prominent markets. Sanjay also holds the CEO title for other companies including COVID Testing LLC and M&S Global Services LLC & Drug Testing LLC, which primarily focus on medical services and products. Sanjay served as the President of the Indian American Chamber of Commerce of Orlando (IACC) from 2011-2012. He was a board member for the Wounded Officers Initiative from 2017-2018, a past Director for the Dr. Phillips/Metro West Chamber of Commerce, and he currently serves on the Advisory Board for the UCF Burnett Honors College. He is a five-time recipient of the National Leadership Award and a two-time recipient of the Congressional Order of Merit and was awarded the 2022 Entrepreneur of the Year award by the Indian American Business Association.

Sanjay Srinivasan

Founder and CEO

With over 35 years of experience in Operational & Sales consulting, during which Mike has worked with some of the largest global companies assisting in both top line growth and bottom line savings. Clients include such brands as Johnson & Johnson, Varian Medical Systems, Blue Cross, Prudential, Convatec, Abbott. Over the past years Mike Shifted focus to help address the global pandemic as joint founder of Covid Testing LLC, and for the past year has helped establish Drug Testing LLC that offers Mobile rapid drug screening to the Florida market. Additionally, Mike’s passion is to identify, analyze and bring to market both cutting edge products and services that can help clients within the health services and safety markets. “The market is swamped right now with products that simply don’t deliver the health or safety benefits they promise. I use my past 30+ years’ experience in business analysis to ensure that anything that M&S Global Services LLC offers is the best option for our clients

Mike Collins

Founder and COO


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