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CIMR – World Leading ACTIVE Sanitation Device

CIMR® is a unique Active Air Infusion, Pathogen Scavenging technology that provides the leading solution to indoor air and surface contamination concerns. Traditional passive technologies, such as HEPA, filtration, UV lights, or electrostatic systems, remove contaminants only if they travel through the purification unit. These traditional filtration systems may help improve indoor air quality but are well over 100 times slower in eliminating airborne pathogens that CIMR active air purification technology and do not reduce surface contamination at all. If there is an active source of virus or other pathogen, passive air purification will not ever eliminate the risk of disease transmission according to analysis of recently published Center for Disease Control (CDC). Our proprietary CIMR® Active Air Infusion Technology continuously seeks out and eliminates pathogens in the air and on surfaces, deactivating and eliminating them on contact. CIMR is an extensively tested and validated military grade technology, actively used to protect US critical infrastructure. CIMRTech® Technology utilizes a proprietary process to create a non-aqueous ultra-low level hydrogen peroxide that has repeatably been proven safe and effective. A proprietary cell is activated by a specific energy source, working with existing humidity already in the air are extracted from the air to target air and surface risks. CIMR is extremely effective at deactivation and eliminating virus, bacteria, mold, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and other environmental contaminants. CIMR Technology does not create ozone or any other harmful by-products. CIMR is not harmful to humans, pets or plants and is 1/50th the level recommended as safe for indoor use by OSHA and the EPA. The CIMR hydrogen peroxide molecules are carried throughout the indoor environment), neutralizing pathogens, and contaminants anywhere air can reach. Because CIMR hydrogen peroxide molecules have a positive and negative charge, they are drawn and attach to pathogens, and other contaminants with the process of electromagnetic attraction. Pathogens are initially deactivated, and contaminants are eliminated and the CIMR H2O2 are safely converted into oxygen (O2) and water (H2O) vapor. CIMR H2O2 is odorless, colorless, and safe to use in occupied spaces. According to the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA), exposure to one part per million (1.0~ ppm) of hydrogen peroxide is considered safe when or technology is used throughout the day. CIMR® produces only ~ 0.02 ppm, well below the OSHA limit.

CIMR – World Leading ACTIVE Sanitation Device

CIMR (Continuous Infectious Microbial Reduction). Active Pathogen scavenging technology works by continuously seeking out and destroying virus, bacteria microbes, mold and other microscopic pathogens, destroying them before they get a chance to infect people sharing indoor spaces.









Does not require opening or removal of wall/sheetrock / ceiling. CIMR will kill the mold WITHOUT teardown.

Standard remediation requires tear down of existing walls / ceilings to allow physical access to the areas affected.

Can continue to use and occupy the area. No isolation or containment required

Use of chemicals and sprays often requires the area affected to be isolated and quarantined

Mold Remediation

Overall cost is a FRACTION of standard remediation. Significantly lower out of pocket costs.

Requires equipment, chemicals, labor, etc. average costs are 70% HIGHER than using a CIMR device.

CIMR is accepted and eligible by FEMA and most Insurance companies for reimbursement

High expenses from traditional remediation are often rejected by insurance companies.

Totally eliminates ODOR

Chemicals used often leave residual or additional smell

Virus, Bacteria, Germ elimination

CIMR can kill them all. Equally effectively. This includes all Surfaces, and Airborne threats

Requires multiple solutions ranging from UV lights, Gases, Hepa screens and filters. Etc.


CIMR is an ACTIVE system. It will seek and destroy the threat without the need of air to be cycled over or through the device. On average this is 300% QUICKER vs Passive devices

Air is required to pass over or through he device. This take time for the air to circulate. Additionally, if a door or window is opened the process would have to restart!

Laboratory Testing

CIMR has been independently testing in Level III Bio Labs and proven to eliminate all threats.

The vast majority of alternative devices has never been tested in a Lab and are unable to provide 3rd party test results.


CIMR is 100% safe for Humans and Pets. Its distributes H2O2 at 0.02 ppm (a 50th of the EPA guidelines)

Device can include OZONE that is proven to have harmful side effects on the respiratory system.

ANTIGEN – Rapid Antigen Test Kits

We currently offer a wide range of test kits for both OTC (over the counter) and POC (point of care).
These include:

INDICAID Rapid Antigen
– $16.00

Indicaid™ Covid-19 Rapid Antigen Test are a rapid testing device that detects symptomatic and asymptomatic COVID-19 in just 20 minutes.

Access Bio Care Start Rapid
Antigen – $20.00

Rapid Diagnostic Test for the Detection of SARS-CoV-2 Antigen. Results in 10 Minutes • Easy Testing • Simple Nasal Swab

CIMR Products

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RT-PCR – Accula™ SARS-CoV-2 Rapid PCR Test

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